Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 38

Spent some money yesterday.  $28.40 at Staples on ink.  I did turn in 5 used cartridges which will score me $10 in Staples rewards.

I also sprung for pizza last night.  And by sprung, I mean I got 2 large pizzas and a 2 liter soda for $2.  I got that Papa John's Super Bowl promo and I had enough points in my account to score another pizza - nowadays, we need to order 2 pizzas because the 4 of us are pigs.  It was $2 as a deliver fee and I tipped the guy $3.  So $5 for dinner wasn't that bad.

Todays' mission:  Hit the Submit button on my taxes.

1 comment:

Precious said...

Congrats on scoring on the pizza dinner. I so miss Staples and their ink cartridge rebates.