Monday, February 6, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 36

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday.  I highlighted some stories on Facebook.  That was fun.  Well for me. It was probably annoying for you if you follow me on Facebook/Twitter.

Yesterday I ran up to Roxie's & Stop and Shop and spent $23 combined at both places.  So far I'm at spending $146 on groceries in February.  That's kind of high.  We're hungry people though.

Even though I don't get into football, I guess it was a good game.  I just liked eating junk food with neighbors and friends.  Good job Giants!

On another note - I'm finishing up our taxes and it looks like the Great Commonwealth of Massachusetts is giving me back $3 this year.  I don't really get it - last year, we made significantly more income than we did this year and we got back about $400 from MA.  This year, we're poor and only getting back $3.  At least Obama is hooking us up with a pretty decent amount.  For fun, I put in that my husband didn't have health insurance on our MA taxes and it took our $3 refund and made us owe $1209!  That is a huge chunk of change for someone if they don't have health insurance.  I, of course, changed it, but just wanted to see what life would be like if we didn't have insurance.  That would really suck.

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