Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Got My Papa John's Free Pizza - Check Your Spam Folder

Checked my email this morning to see if there was a code to get my Free Pizza and Free Pepsi Max from Papa John's - there wasn't.  Then I checked my spam folder and voila!  It was there.  It was delivered at 9:42pm.  My Papa John's emails usually don't go to my spam folder - So check your spam folder if you are a Papa John's Rewards member (all Papa John's reward members should have gotten one - whether you voted in their coin toss promo or not - I didn't).  Also - having an account at PapaJohns.com doesn't make you a Rewards Member - you had to register on top of registering for the site.  Hope this helps.

Many thanks to Papa Johns!  I love free crap that I don't really need - and heavens know, I really don't need free pizza on my hips - but I'll take it anyways.

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