Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cheap Roses - $19.99 at Southern Artery in Quincy

Honestly - I have no idea what the going rate for roses or flowers is.  My husband will probably bring home some flowers today and I like it because he usually (not always) buys me really oddball flowers.  Like blue and orange carnations or something.  I just love oddball flowers.  When he doesn't buy oddball flowers, he does stuff like buy flowers off the side of the road from people in the major intersections of Boston.  Last year, he stopped at CVS around 11pm on Valentine's Day and found some random bouquet (he worked really late).  It wasn't scanning so the cashier said "I'll just give them to you for $5."  When he got home, there was a sticker on it for $24.99.  He's a genius!  A CVS flower buying genius!

Anyways - if you live near Quincy, you can pick up a dozen red roses at the Southern Artery Garden Center (in the parking lot of the Goodwill).  This seems cheap to me.  So feel free to forward this information to your husband if you need some cheap flowers today.  It's okay - we all don't have $100 to spend on flowers - which, unfortunately, will die in 2 weeks.  I can think of hundreds of other of things I'd rather spend $100 on than flowers.  Remember:  It's the thought that counts, not the money spent.  No one will think any less of your husband if he doesn't spend much on you - and if they do, they really don't matter anyways.

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