Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 9

How is today already the 10th of January?  Wowzers!

Yesterday I hit up my favorite Roxie's and spent $33.56.  So in 10 days, I've spent $47.98 on groceries.  Living off the stockpile has it's advantages.  And by stockpile, I mean the crap that has taken over my cabinets.  Nothing fancy you would ever see displayed.  Just crap.

So I realized yesterday just why I love Roxie's (besides the cheapness factor).  You know how all the healthy experts say "Shop the perimeters of your grocery store".  Well at Roxie's - you pretty much have no choice but to do that.  There is no cheap, salty Uncle Ben's rice calling your name in isle 7.  There's no holiday clearance merchandise calling your name.  You're forced to just buy meat and produce.  It makes you feel all good inside.  Like you're doing something good.

Besides my Roxie's run, I didn't buy anything else.  9 days down, 22 more to go!

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