Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 2

Another good day on my wallet here.  I had buy more gas (took a road trip this past weekend), milk & some beer.  Beer is nourishment.

We made the most of "what we have" this weekend by finally getting off our butts and installing some flooring we bought back on Memorial Day:

Sometimes it feels really good to do something with what you got.  The husband wanted to wait until we got the rest of the porch done before we installed the flooring, but he had the time to do it and I begged him to just pump it out.  He'll complain if I drop paint on it once the moldings are all up - but I promised him I wouldn't splatter and cover it.  Now I have to make good on my promise.  We've been working on our porch since May 2010.  Hopefully we'll be done by the two year mark.  I've said that before though...

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MaryAnne said...

Your floor looks amazing!!! Good luck finishing the rest of the porch!