Monday, January 2, 2012

Mad Props: Rose & Vicki's!

You know what's really sad?  You order pizza so much that your pizza place sends you a Christmas Card.  Double sadness:  They include 2 $5 gift certificates to show their appreciation.

Rose & Vicki's is a great little pizza chain serving the fine folks of Plymouth, Marion, Dartmouth & Weymouth.  Not only did they send me the $10 in gift certificates for Christmas, they also sent me one to announce a new manager, and someone left a menu and another one on my door last week.

Last week we decided to get pizza.  So I called.  I kindly asked the person if I could use all 4 gift certificates in one transaction or if I could just use one at a time.  She told me that I could use all 4!  So we were able to score $20 off our take-out order!  That was really nice and an unexpected surprise to end the New Year.  Sometimes it's just nice to deal with the smaller chains - better quality pizza and really nice workers - and an unexpected deal to boot!

If you haven't checked out Rose & Vicki's - you should!  Great pizza.  Seriously great pizza.  And if you are in Weymouth - you might have scored yourself one or two (or possibly 4!) of those $5 gift certificates that are floating around.

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