Monday, December 26, 2011

Torn Between Two Lovers: Shaw's Grocery Game vs. Stop & Shop Gas Points

I'm torn between two lovers these days.  Let me explain....

Lover #1:

Shaw's "Wish Big, Win Big Game"  (I pride myself in earning 56 game pieces in a single shopping trip a few weeks back...)

Lover #2:

Stop & Shop's Gas Points/the Addition of a Stop & Shop gas station in Quincy, MA.  

What is a homemaker to do?  I love the thrill and excitement of Shaw's mini-gambling thing going on.  But I also love to save money on gas.  Stop & Shop gas is already super cheap, so being able to nab gallons of it for under $3/gallon makes me all giddy.  

Shaw's Wish Big, Win Big sweepstakes ends February 9th - so maybe I'll just get my legalized gambling on until then.  I haven't won anything yet...but gosh darn it, I'm close!  

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