Saturday, December 24, 2011

Remember the Smaller Shops this Christmas Eve - the bargains are there!

I stumbled out of bed at 6:35 this morning and hit the road at 6:40, not caffeinated.  With sweatpants on, I headed out to Roxie's - and got a roast of some sorts.  I went to Shaw's last night and was not impressed with their selection.  Not only did I think most of the meat was overpriced for the quality, but all of the roasts were HUGE.  I didn't need a 6 pound thing at $7/lbs.

So I was happy at Roxie's - nabbed a great little rump roast for only $3.19/lbs.  Plus - it looks 10 times better than the things at Shaw's.  Sorry Shaw's.

I noticed that Fratelli's Pastry shop across the street was packed when I left Roxie's a little after 7.  Shamefully, I've never been to Fratelli's.  So the thought of fresh baked something or other enticed me.  The place was packed, but the customer service was outstanding.  They had about 8 people fetching orders and it was relatively speedy for the crowd.

Check out this crazy bargain!  This huge loaf of bread was only $2.25.  Seriously.  Not on some reduced rack.  Not some special.  Just what was there.  I wish I can tear it apart now, but no.  I'll try to resist my gluten urges until dinner time.  

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