Friday, December 30, 2011

Mini Viking Pushbike for 2: $34 (Reg. $124)

Do you have 2 young kids?  Do you have health insurance?  Well then you'll WANT to scoop up this deal!   

Why yes!  It's a tricycle with no pedals build for two!  Make the most of your health insurance with this purchase - because I know that if I attempted to put both of my sons on this - at least one would wind up with a broken arm and probably a bunch of broken teeth on both of them.  Oh and there would be screaming.  Lots & lots of screaming.  This contraption looks so cute and innocent.  But I just have this feeling when I look at it.  Any toy that makes my kids go within 10 feet of each other is pretty much a deathtrap for them.    

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