Saturday, December 31, 2011

Michaels Phone App: One of my FAVORITE things ever

Michaels opened on Route 3A in Weymouth a few months back.  I love it.  I don't' know why.  I guess homemakers just have to like crafty stuff.  It's a great, quick stop for birthday gifts.  It has baking needs.  It has holiday decorations.  I just love it.

BUT!  The best thing I love about Michaels is their iPhone/other phone app.  If you have not downloaded this thing - you need to.

That's what it looks like.  The best little tab is the "Coupons" tab.  It has all the weekly coupons on it - so there is no need to remember that coupon from the ad.  The only draw back is that once you use that coupon that week, it goes away.  But yeah - if you are using more than one coupon a week, you probably need a Michaels intervention.  

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