Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Joining (rejoining) Weight Watchers Now Is Good.

It's September.  The kids are back at school (except mine - they don't start until the 12th for whatever reason).  The BBQs and Wienerfests have come to an end.  Have you thought, "Gee - I should get myself to/back to Weight Watchers?"  I'm going to give you some reasons why now is a good time (I don't work for them...).

1.  Are you feeling fat?  Well if you are, then chances are you are getting fat.  Go to Weight Watchers.

2.  Your routine is starting back up again.  What better way to compliment your routine with a weekly meeting and weigh-in?  Plus eating healthy will give you the energy to cart your kids all over.

3.  Weight Watchers is doing a killer promo right now - Buy one month (at $39.99), get a month free!  That's right.  Join today for $40, and your good until November 6th.

4.  Sweeten that BOGO deal with Ebates.  Purchase your monthly pass through them and get $7 cash back.  2 months for $33.  Can't beat that. 

5.  Lose the weight now to impress your family for the holidays - don't wait until after you gorge yourself on egg nog and pecan pie to start your journey (Pss...Weight Watchers doesn't have these membership deals in January because they know everyone is joining/rejoining then). 

I rejoined a week and a half ago.  I used to get free membership with the whole lifetime thing - but yeah, I let 10 pounds sneak back up on my junk in just 6 months.  Oops.  Down 1.6 this week so only 8 1/2 more to go.  If I work it good  - I should re-hit lifetime after these two months are up.  You'd think the whole "free" thing would be my motivation - but I'm a true slacker at heart.  Honestly, last year when I did drop the weight, I got rid of all my bigger jeans - on a cold night, I threw a pair of my jeans on and they were super tight.  Investing $33 for two months at Weight Watchers is cheaper then going out and buying all new pants! 

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