Monday, September 5, 2011

Proof that generic isn't always cheaper...

Ever since I really got into couponing a few years back, I quickly learned that generic is not always the "cheapest" option.  In fact, most of the time, if a name brand is on sale AND you have a coupon for it, it's much cheaper than the generic option (which typically never has coupons out for them - unless your grocery store rocks at putting out store coupons). 

Here's proof that even with NO coupons - the generic option would be the most expensive:

So what am I showing you?  Sour Cream.  16 oz. Sour Cream to be exact.  This picture was taken at the Hingham Stop & Shop just yesterday.  Here's the price breakdown if you just walked in to buy some:

Stop & Shop brand - $1.79
Breakstone's - $1.67
Daisy - $1.50
Hood - $1.50

Now Hood has $1/2 MFCs out there right now from the paper - making it possible for you to score 2 16 oz. containers for only $1 each.  Daisy usually throws out some MFCs two times a year and Breakstone's usually does a campaign ad or two throughout the year - but it's typically more for their flavored cottage cheese treats and whatnot. 

Now is this always the case?  No.  But just throwing out the friendly reminder that if you typically just grab the generic brand of products (which has no shame at all!), you actually might not be saving the money you think you may be.  But for the average Joe walking into Stop & Shop this week - their best bet would be to grab the Hood or Daisy brands. 

Say none of the sour creams were on sale - but you still had your Hood $1/2 MFC.  Hood would actually be cheaper than the Stop & Shop brand because the coupon would bring it down to $1.50 per container.  But if you only needed one container - then obviously you'd grab the Stop & Shop brand. Why drop $3 on sour cream to just throw half of it away when you could only spend $1.79 for half the amount but actually use it all?

If, for example, no sour creams were on sale and there were no MFCs out there floating around in couponland, then yes, the generic would be cheapest option. 

Now go!  Buy cheap sour cream and eat tacos all week!

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