Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Stockpile Mission -!

Okay - so I'm in this freaky "stockpile" mode lately.  Now what makes me a horrible couponer?  I don't get the whole "stockpile craze".  Seriously.  I can barely deal with my cabinets as is - I can't handle a huge warehouse in my basement.  I also refuse to do things like dumpster dive and ask friends/neighbors for coupons.  Because again - I can barely keep up with the coupons I do get weekly from The Boston Globe & Patriot Ledger.  Usually I get double of every coupon with both papers - and usually - scoring 2-4 items with these coupons is fine with me.  Buying 2 bottles of BBQ Sauce dirt cheap is doable for me - buying 67 of them - not so much. 

But anyhow I'm on this freaky coupon craze again (it comes and goes like the tides for me).  But I like to have a "goal" of sorts.  And I prefer to packrat hygiene items and not food.  But I need a mission.  Just buying razors, shaving cream and toothpaste for myself is not fun.  So to fuel this CVS craze I'm on, I thought about it - and my mission is stockpiling the next 3 months for 

What is

Carepacks was founded and is based out of Weymouth, MA.  To date, they have sent over 12,000 overseas to troops.  They were founded in 2004.  Here's their blurb:

CarePacks is a non-profit organization—staffed and managed entirely by volunteers—that is dedicated to sending care packages to US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Founded in 2004, CarePacks' goal is to provide these soldiers with supplies to help improve their morale, mental health, and quality of life, and to remind soldiers that they are remembered by people “back home.”

CarePacks’ care packages contain high-calorie food products, undergarments, personal care items, books, magazines, and more. Each package also contains at least one letter or card from a child so that the soldier who receives the package has a personal connection to someone back in the United States. CarePacks coordinates its efforts with local schools, Cub Scout packs, Boy and Girl Scout troops, churches, and other organizations to involve the community in the support process and to inform them about the needs of US military personnel.

So how is this my "mission?"  Well Weymouth puts on a Veteran's Day parade and inconjunction with this, Carepacks takes over the Weymouth Elks club all morning to accept donations for holiday boxes.  I don't know if they are actually doing it again this year - but they most likely are.  That gives me just over 3 months to collect a bunch of free/cheap crap at CVS and stores.  With Veteran's Day a week or two after Halloween - it's a great time to stock up on crazy clearanced candy. 

So there.  Now I am fueled.  By the time November rolls around, I should be out of my couponing craze.  Or I'll be highly addicted. 

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