Tuesday, July 26, 2011

IKEA Family Savings Card - Join the next time you go!

I went to Ikea Stoughton recently.  They moved some stuff around.  They have stuffed Broccoli (see below).  But more importantly - upstairs near where the hallway is for the bathroom and food area, they have these 2 kiosks.  You enter your info and it spits you out an "Ikea Family" savings card.  Because just what you need is another piece of plastic crap hanging from your keys. 

So why is this one a good one:

-Enjoy free coffee or tea in our restaurant every time you visit.

-Take advantage of dozens of product discounts.

-Get a $100 IKEA Gift Card sweepstakes entry when you scan your card in the store.

Find out more about the Ikea Family card by clicking HERE

Thanks Ikea!  You make it fun, fashionable, and enjoyable to be Swedish! 

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Anonymous said...

Apparently you also get an additional 30 minutes of free babysitting!