Tuesday, July 19, 2011

$10 for a Hardcover Photobook from Shutterfly

Like those hardcover photo books? Who doesn't?!

Head on over to Plum District today to get one for just $10 from Shutterfly. Valid for new customers only. This expires on 9/7/2011. Shipping isn't included. Valid for 20 pages. Each additional page is a $1. I think that's all the important fine print.

Wait!  There's more use code funfun to get 10% off - so that $10 book becomes $9.  (The code funfun will work on purchases today and tomorrow). 

Want to save an extra $5 - USE THIS REFERRAL LINK and get $5 off your first purchase!  If you just go to the website to sign up, you won't get the $5 credit. 

In other Plum District related news, the 200th "liker" on Plum District Boston will get a $25 gift card to Whole Foods.  They're at 188 - so it's going to happen soon...

Oh and for those interested - Plum District Boston is featuring a deal for Sittingaround.com - a website designed to help you manage your baby sitting coop.  It's only $10 for 2 years (reg. $30).  Don't have a babysitting coop?  Start one!  You've probably heard of them.  Suzy watches Lynette's kid, Lynette watches Bree's kid, Bree watches Suzy's kid, etc. etc.  This online tool assigns points to people as they do the babysitting - and then takes them away when people watch their kids.  It's sort of a full-proof way that no one gets gypped in their coop.  So for $10 - roughly what?  An hour worth of cheap labor of babysitting?  You can get access to this great online tool for 2 whole years to better manage - or start up - your own Babysitting coop - and never have to pay a sitter again. (You can buy/use this online babysitting coop tool from anywhere in the country - it's just featured on the Boston site). 

That is all. 

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