Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Entertainment Book - Gennaro's Pizza, Quincy MA

Holy Bargain!  So Tuesday night, we decided to make it pizza night.  Where did I turn?  My trusty Entertainment Book of course!  Gennaro's Eatery in Quincy has a BOGO Free coupon for take out pizza.  So we pounced on that. 

I called in my order and it took about 20 minutes.  So I walk in to pick it up - and the girl hands me 2 larges and a small box.  So I was like "Ahh, I only had 2 large pizzas" - so she informed me that on TUESDAYS, all customers get a FREE small cheese pizza with the purchase of any large pizza.  They didn't mention this to me on the phone. 

So I had ordered 2 large cheese pizzas, got a free small cheese - and the total with tax came to $10.50. 

So how was it?  Money worth saving?  Of course!  I walked in and was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere.  Looked like your typical mom & pop Italian restaurant.  I immediately thought that I will have to take the husband here for a sit down dinner some day.  We got home and the pizza was fabulous.  More traditional tasting and reminded me of pizza I ate at local shops growing up in CT (because obviously Connecticut is known for it's pizza...that's a joke.  But some places in CT are really good).  The only issue was that the large really wasn't that "large" - but heck!  We had three pizzas - that's not an issue.  But if you are ordering there - keep in mind the large is more "normal" size and not as big as the commercial larges. 

So if you are in or around Quincy and need a great pizza - think Gennaro's!  And remember your Entertainment Book Coupon!

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