Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Combine $10/$50 Coupon at Old Navy with Groupon!

Hey Old Navy Groupon buyers! This past weeks paper (Boston Globe) had a $10 off $50 purchase coupon in it for Old Navy good until the end of the week. I just combined this with my Groupon I bought a few days ago. Makes for a killer deal at Old Navy! Essentially, $30 for $50 worth of stuff. Remember too - that Groupon expires on July 31st so you don't have that much time to use it. Happy shopping!


Bargain Becky said...

I know the Groupon says it can't be combined with other offers - but I had no issue using it. I think the Groupon is rung in like a gift card. Hope this helps!

Amy said...

But "can't be combined with any other offers" means that it can't be combined whether or not it goes through. I wanted to do this too, but the Groupon was very clear about it.

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