Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BJ's Coupons Worth Checking Out (in mailings)

I'm going to BJ's tomorrow.  I love going at the end of the month. Why?  Mostly because the previous month's coupon book is still good and you also have the future month's coupon book.  Right now, I also got some baby coupon book - but I honestly can't use most of the stuff in there.  So what am I buying with the BJ's coupons:

BOGO Finish PowerBall Tabs (July book) - I LOVE these.  I always grab two when this BOGO coupon comes.  I'm actually about to run out of dishwasher detergent - so this works perfectly.  I don't have any MFCs to match up with this - but still a great deal.  It's a tub of 80 for $6.99 - so you get 160 for $7.  That's pretty darn good in itself.

$2/1 BJ's Batteries (July Book - expires 7/17) - We just ran out of AA. 

$2.50/1 Mrs. May's Freeze Dried Fruit Chips (July Book) - I believe these are $9.99.  I'm back on my eating healthy frenzy and I like checking out new things.

$3/1 BJ's Vitamins - I buy Gummy Adult vitamins for the husband and I.  We're almost out.  I think they are $9.99.

Buy Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks, Get a GM Triple Pack of Cereal for FREE (Baby Book.  Exp. 7/6) - Junk food for the kids. 

$1.75/1 Crystal Light (July Book) - I'm an addict.  Seriously.  I drink 2 quarts a day. 

$2/1 Nongshim Item (June Book - Exp. 6/30) - My husband LOVES Bowl Noodle - so I will woo him with a case of it.  If you like Ramen Noodles, you will LOVE Bowl Noodle!

$3/1 Glad Odor Shield Trash Bags (July Book) - Again, I'm almost out.  I got these Febreeze infused trash bags last time at BJ's and they are great.  Not as many in the pack than the traditional ones (I think it's 120 vs. 130) - but they smell so fresh and so clean!

$3/1 Cutter Family Pack  (July Book - Exp. 7/17)- I'm going to check the price of this.  It's a 5 pack of bug repellent - which we will def. need this summer with camp and camping.  I have two $1.50/1 MFCs that I'm hopefully going to couple with this $3.00 coupon.  I don't think we really need 5 things of it - so if it's some crazy price like $20 - I'll probably just pick up two bottles at another store with my MFCs.  But if it's $10-$15 - I'll probably go for it.

$3/1 Harvestland Frozen Item (July Book) - I like their individually wrapped frozen Chicken Breast.  It's $9.99 - so $7 with coupon for 3 lbs.  Not great - but I think this crap is organic or something.  I might try something else in their line if I'm feeling all frisky tomorrow. 

$1.75/1 Frigo Cheese Heads String Cheese (Baby Book.  Exp. 7/6) - We like cheese.  Especially when it's light cheese.

$2/1 Lean Cuisine 4 pack (June Book.  Exp. 6/30) - Just coupling this up with a $2.25/4 coupon I scored off the Internet a few weeks ago. 

So there you have some of the "good" coupons from the BJ's book.  Well at least for me - your needs may be completely different than mine.  It's all good.  The Bounty Basics are both $3 off (toilet paper and paper towels) in the July book.  There is a coupon for All Laundry Detergent that can be coupled up with a MFC from the paper as well. 

Hope you have wonderful adventures when you shop at your BJ's!  And remember - they take both BJ's coupons (the ones they mail to you and the ones at the door) AND MFCs.  I do not work for BJ's.  I just dig using coupons at wholesale clubs. 


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Linda said...

I am an associate member (on someone's card) and I do not get the booklet. Is there any way that you know of that I can get my hands on one? I sometimes get the quarterly magazine with some coupons... I may just branch out myself next year.....