Thursday, April 28, 2011

BJ's Trip - Spent $129, Used $51 in Coupons

So I went to BJ's.  I like going at the end of the month.  Why?  Usually, the next month's coupon book comes in the mail around the 25th and the old coupon book is still valid.  This is a good time too - because there is a BJ's journal out there with coupons. 

Before coupons, my total was $181.60.  With coupons, it came down to $129.  One of my coupons was save $10 off a $100 purchase or more with your Mastercard.  Those are always nice.  I buy a lot of produce at BJ's - and honestly - I don't know what my problem is, but I spent almost $40 on cheese there today.  Good thing I'm not lactose intolerant. 

Here's some of my good deals though (or so I think):

Kraft Deal from BJ's Journal. 
Coupon:  Buy 4 items, Save $8.00 (essentially, $2 off per item)

Cracker Barrel Cheese - $11.99, BJ's coupon for $2 off, MFC for $1/2 (4 packs - so it worked).  Like paying $6.99 for 4 packs
Oreos (equivelent to 2 1/2 packages) - $5.99, BJ's coupon for $1.50 off WYB Milk.  Like paying  $2.49.
Crystal Light (I'm addicted) - $8.59, BJ's coupon for $1.75 off.  Like paying $4.84.
Good Seasonings 10 pack - $6.99.  BJ's coupon for $1.75 off.  Like paying $3.24.

Pre-Coupon price for all 4:   $33.56
Post-Coupon price for all 4:  $17.56
Savings:  48%

Nestle Deal from BJ's Journal
Coupon:  Buy 4, Save $10 (essentially $2.50 off per item)

Tidy Cats Litter - $12.69, BJ's coupon for $3 off, MFC $1/1 from Tidy Cats website.  Like paying $6.19.
Stouffer's Mac & Cheese - $8.99, BJ's coupon for $2 off.  Like paying $4.49.
Buitoni Ravioli - $9.99.  No coupons.  Like Paying $7.49.
Nesquik - $6.99.  No coupons.  Like Paying $4.49. 

Total Before Coupons:  $38.66
Total After Coupons:  $22.66
Savings:  41%

2 Huge Tubs of ICBINB:  $6.29
BJ's Coupon:  $1.50 off
MFC:  $1/2
Cost:  $3.79
(see the power of combining BJ's coupons with MFCs?)

Other Deals:

1 case of Goya Beans (6 cans)- $4.59.  Use $1/5 MFC from paper.  6 cans for $3.59.

Friskies Cat food - $12.89.  BJ's coupon for $3 off.  MFC for $1/1 from paper.  $8.89 for 18+ pounds of cat food.

2 Land O' Lakes Half & Halfs - $1.99 ea.  $1/2 MFC from paper.  $1.49 ea.

Scotch Brite Sponges (15 pack) - $9.99.  $3 BJ's coupon.  $6.99 for 15 sponges.  I needed sponges.  I remember last year I used a few $1 MFCs with this and got the pack for $4.99 or something. 

It's no extreme couponing, but hey, $51 is $51.  I'll take it.  I was going to buy most of this stuff anyways.  The oreos are mostly for the husband - he brings his lunch every day and I find that it's easier (and cheaper) to just buy things in bulk and separate them in snack baggies for him.  The spell check isn't working on my Blogger right now - so apologies for the many misspellings in this post.  Spelling isn't my thing. 

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