Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Discover Card Users - 5% back at Grocery Stores Sign Up!

I love my Discover card.  I opened it in 1999 and it was my first credit card.  I love their Cashback program.  Not only does it accumulate faster than the snow in New England this year - but the rewards are phenomenal as well.  They've really pumped it up with their "Shop Discover" program too.  Think Ebates or Cashbaq - but with less companies (but a lot of the major ones) - but also, bigger %s back.  The kicker with the "cash back" - is not only does it accumulate fast (usually 1%-5% on all your purchases) - but when you go to cash it in, you actually get more than what you have.  A lot of the partner gift cards are "cash in $40, get a $50 gift card".  Or "cash in $20, get $25".

Well anyways - if you are a Discover Card holder - make sure you log in and sign up for the bonus 5% on your grocery & drug store purchases for the month of March.  This is up to $200 in purchases (but who doesn't spend $200 a month at the grocery store?).  This equates to $10 cash back in addition to all that you earn with your purchases.  Easy $10.

They're also doing their "Travel & Restaurant" 5% through March as well.  When we went on vacation earlier this year, I found the best price for our airline tickets/rental car through Orbitz.  But before I hit "purchase", I logged into Discover.  Went through their "Shop Discover" site, clicked on Orbitz, THEN pushed "purchase".  I earned over $36 in cash back rewards just by doing that.


Kara said...

Did you see that Cashbaq has gone out of business? From the site today: Like so many other companies, Cashbaq was hit by the worst recession of our lifetime.
We regret that Cashbaq is unable to continue operations and has shut down.

Booooo!! I had a nice little rebate building up!

Bargain Becky said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I had about $20 that needed to get paid to me. Oh well. Very shady! At least I got about $120 out of them!