Friday, October 15, 2010

Shaw's Catalina This Week!

Looks like a good week for a Shaw's Catalina!  This one is "Spend $25 on select products, get $10 Off Your Next Purchase."  In the past, these catalinas have worked on pre-sale prices.  You can also use MFCs to bring the prices down even further.  I'll probably be using this CAT to my advantage by stocking up on Progresso Soup and frozen vegetables.  A lot of these products have coupons from the paper (where I get most of my coupons) - but you can also print out more at,, and

Happy Shaw's Shopping this week!


Katie Barker said...

Thanks for the info - you answered my question! I wondered if Shaw's did the pre-sale price. I just moved from Chicago and am new to shaws but not to catalinas. I hope to replenish my supply of cereal and muffin mixes. plus other stuff if it's almost free :)

Bargain Becky said...

Yep - When Shaw's has cats, they end up being really great. Some Shaw's won't take internet coupons but others will. Someone on Slick Deals usually posts the actual UPC list - since sometimes, funky flavors of items won't be included in the computer. They usually double or triple too. Hope this helps! Welcome to MA (or whereever in New England you are!)