Monday, October 18, 2010

Rolling The CAT (x2)

This isn't "spectacular" but still not bad for $9 OOP and $23 OYNP coupons...(I bought a few other things, but won't bore you with that).

Total Pre-Sale - $54.30 
(did it all in my head at the store - didn't realize I was so over the $50 mark)

Total Sale -  $35.00

Total after $6 in MFCs and $20 in CATS - $9.00 OOP


I bought - 9 Steamers (3 $1/3 MFCs), 5 boxes of Fruit Snacks (gave me an extra $3 CAT), 1 Sweet Moments Brownies ($1/1 MFC), 4 containers of Yoplait Yogurt (2 $1/2 MFCs), & 1 Progresso Soup (my "what if I didn't really hit $50 purchase).  I was too lazy to print off fruit snack coupons before I left.  Had I done that and eliminated the can of soup, I would have paid $6 OOP and gotten $23 back in CATs.  

2 Simple (and healthy!) Stock Up Scenarios If you Don't Have Coupons:

12 Progresso Soups - $12 OOP, Earn $10 OYNP (Net $2 for 12 cans of soup)

10 Green Giant Steamers (orig. price $2.59) - $15.00 OOP, Earn $10 OYNP (Net .50 cents per bag of vegetables).  Just watch - some of the Steamers original prices are $2.79 - meaning, you'd only have to buy 9 to hit the $25 pre-sale mark.  

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Anonymous said...

An easy one is 5 boxes of multigrain cheerios (I've seen prices from 4.13-4.59 depending on which shaws I go to), add two box fiber 1 "stick" cereal for 4.59(grind them up for breadcrumbs if you don't love them in a bowl with milk, or send them to the food pantry), use any of the millions of General Foods coupons out there to get $1 or $2 off (you can print them online, for sure)...if you've started with no cats, it will cost you $12 without coupons, $10 with them, get $10 cats back and roll local food pantry is getting a stock up of these! I think soup is next!

Happy shopping!