Monday, October 11, 2010

House Party Review - Durex Girl Talk

Yep, this is a Bargain Becky original creation.  You ain't going to see this in any Martha Stewart magazine.

I had the pleasure of hosting a Durex Girl Talk party this past weekend.  I'm a huge fan of House Party - but sadly, I rarely get selected for parties.  In the past I've hosted a Splenda party, and Arnold Sandwich Thins party and most recently - my Condom Party!  Woohoo!  Nothing like a bunch of 30 something housewives getting together to talk about condoms - especially when virtually all of our husbands have had vasectomies.

Well part of my "party pact" included the fact that I would blog about it.  So in case you didn't know, Durex has a full line of products that can help enhance anyone's love life - it's not just condoms people.  The best part is you can find these products in your local drug or super-chain store.  This is especially beneficial for the housewife who needs a little help with whatever, but doesn't want to look like a perv going into an adult store.  So next time you are in Wally World or CVS, check out Durex's extensive line of products.  Feeling lazy?  Check them out online by clicking HERE.  Or better yet, "Like" them on Facebook at Durex USA.


Loopy said...

This is GREAT! I've been waiting to hear how your party went. Must have been a lot of laughs.

Katy Shamitz said...