Friday, July 30, 2010

Healthy Shaw's Deals This Week

Shaw's seems pretty good this week.  I have another $5/$50 coupon I'm hoping to use.  Not sure if others got this coupon in the mail.  If you don't get random things from Shaw's from time to time in your mailbox, consider signing up at

I only highlight healthy things - because Mama's got to lose some junk in her trunk.

-  Steak Tips!  Yum!  Yeah, probably not "healthy" but at $3.99/lbs, you just have to say "Yummmmm!"

-  Broccoli & Green Beans - .99/lbs

-  Raspberries & Blackberries - $2 a container

-  StarKist Tuna - .50 a can!  Tuna is great.  I just picked up some 2 weeks ago - but my dumb ass got the kind packed in oil.  I pawned it off on the husband, because at 10 grams of fat per pouch, it wasn't worth it.  Plus, tuna packed in oil tastes pretty darn nasty.

-  Cucumbers - .59 each

-  Eggo Pancakes - $2.  There was a $1/2 MFC in the paper for these - combine with a Shaw's Doubler to get a box for $1.  If you are Weight Watchers, make sure you look at the nutrition labels to see which one packs more fiber for your buck.

-  Aunt Jemima Waffles are $1.50.

-  La Choy Teriyaki or Soy Sauce - $1.69 ea.  Not a great price for soy sauce, but it is for Teriyaki Sauce!

- WONDER SMART BREAD - $1!  This bread is great.  It's white bread packed with a bunch of fiber and vitamins.  2 slices is only 1 Weight Watcher point.  Def. a great deal (I think the "normal" price is $3.39).

-  Avacados - $1

-  Mangos - $1

-  Tuttorosso Pasta Sauce - $1

-  Stacy's Pita Chips - $2.79.  There is a $1/1 MFC from the paper out there.  Combine with the Doubler to give you a bag of Pita Chips for .79.

-  Shaw's frozen vegetables - $1 (I'm a big fan of the Rancho Blend and of course the pepper strips and onion/green pepper mixture - although I'm not sure if any of these are actually part of the sale since it's "selected varieties")

-  Cat's Pride Litter - 25% off.  Combine with $1/1 MFC from paper and a Doubler.  We've used this litter and I like it.  Although, I don't have to poop on it so I really should ask my cat how he feels about it.

-  P&G is doing a promo where if you spend $30 on their stuff (pre-sale), you get a coupon for a free $10 gift card of your choice.  It's the basic P&G stuff and you can see all the items in your circular.  Match up with coupons to get a bigger deal.  You can't redeem the coupon for a Shaw's gift card.  Wahhh!

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Lena Trombly said...

In the Shaw's weekly printable coupons there is a $1/2 pounds and by the pound produce.

Edd said...

nice prices.............