Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$58 Becomes $27 at Stop & Shop Today

I hooked up Stop & Shop for a few necessities that we ran out of (i.e. bread, syrup, produce).  Here are a few deals I scored along the way:

-  Used my 5% off coupon from that Nature's Promise mailing (put it on top of your coupon stack for extra savings).  Saved me $2.29.

- Free Nature's Promise cookies with coupon from mailing.

-  Gulden's Mustard - Sale $1.  There was a BOGO Free MFC in the paper 2 weeks ago.  These are normally $1.79 each.  So .50 each is pretty good.

-  French's Yellow Mustard - 2/$3.  Used $1/2 MFC from paper this week for $1 ea (we must eat a lot of mustard in this house).

-  Ronzoni Smart Taste - Sale $1.  There is a $1/1 MFC in the June Parents magazine.  This was FREE!

-  Weight Watchers Cream Cheese - $2.04.  Used $1/1 MFC from WW flyer at meeting.  $1.04.

-  2 Bush's Grillin' Beans.  $1.67 ea ($1/2 MFC from paper).  $1.17 ea. Some varieties are lower cal/lower fat than others so just look at the labels really quick.  I got some Texas Ranchero variety.

-  Renuzit Crystal Elements.  $5.39.  Had $3/1 MFC from paper and a $1/1 Jimmy Fund Coupon.  $1.39.  This is just crap I didn't need but coupons made me buy it. 

-  Banquet Mac & Cheese - $1.  Had a FREE Banquet Meal winner from a Jimmy Fund Ticket.

-  KC Masterpiece BBQ  Sauce.  $1.79.  $1/1 MFC from paper.  .79 cents for some finger lickin' good BBQ Sauce.

-  Hebrew National Hot Dogs - BOGO Free @ $4.99 ea ($1/1 MFC from the paper this week)

-  Mezzetta Pepperoncinis - $2.79 (.50/1 MFC from All You Magazine DOUBLES) $1.79

Another highlight from this trip was being behind the biggest snob of all.  It amazes me how rude some people can be.  She was just mean to the cashier, mean to the bagger, complaining about the produce quality (as if the cashier can control that or even cares...).  Then she went off about how flimsy the paper bags are.  I  don't think the ginormous stick in her ass could get wedged any higher if she tried.  But on the flip side, she was really ugly (God bless her husband because I would shoot myself if I had to look at her face everyday)...but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. 


Money Saving Maine-iac said...

Hey Becky,

Just wanted you to know that I miss your posts. I hope all is well and you're just taking time to play with your family.


Bargain Becky said...

Thanks Crazy T! I'm just being lazy lately!! ;) Still couponing like crazy though!