Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Giving Up!

I think I'm giving up this budget crap.  I'm so far behind and so beyond my "budget" it's not even funny.  So yes, I'm a quitter.  I'm proud to be a quitter!

I'm still going to blog about misc. bargain crap at Shaw's and other places I find of interest.  Just my personal shopping is not something anyone should be copying now.  If I have stellar Shaw's trips - I'll totally post those (saving lots of money gives me a high that I can only relate to cocaine - even though I've never done cocaine or any other hardcore drug of that nature). 

Hope everyone had a happy Easter and for us New Englanders - hope you're enjoying the crazy warm weather we've been experiencing!  Now I must read next week's Shaw's flyer and start a "real" blog post!  Take care my friends!


debbiew said...

Is it the healthy eating that's making it so hard to stick to your budget, or are you just sick of clipping coupons?

Bargain Becky said...

Oh heavens Debbie! I can never be sick of clipping coupons! I'm just slacking on the blog thing and the "I have to run to grab milk" - but end up grabbing $20 worth of stuff while there. I used to be so disciplined, but now I kind of suck.

I don't think real healthy eating is all that expensive. I got 2 lbs of green beans at The Fresh Market yesterday for $2.02! I guess if you go crazy, it can be - but I think you have to figure out what a healthy balance is, you know?

Lena Trombly said...

I'm was going through a similar bump in the road. Since starting to eat healthier I have found myself not clipping as many coupons. I found I was spending more and getting less. I finally came to the realization that In order to stay within my budget I just can't get every deal out there just because its a good deal. Now I only buy what we need and I am back within my budget. I think we are all better for it too. I no longer by the fruit gummies, soda or other junky snacks just because they are cheap.

At first I was frustrated because I was used to getting such good deals and saving a butt load of money. Now I'm just happy that we are getting healthy foods and still within budget.

Maybe it's the nice weather that's been keeping you from blogging. If all else fails, in NE we can always blame the weather.

The Mom said...

I feel your pain Becky. I still cut coupons and try to stay on top of stocking up. But we've cut out all processed food and junk and and switched to organic, our grocery bill has increased. While we've decreased bills elsewhere, it's still frustrating. We make our own cleaners and that has helped but I've decided that quality food was much more important than anything else in our house. We shop farmers markets now for produce and fish and cheese. Expensive but I am happy knowing where the food comes from. It works for us...mostly.

Anonymous said...

I always check out your blog.
you are doing a great job!
don't give up,just change your focus.I keep track of what i spend each month.sometimes its more because of stock up bargains or pending's all about the hunt for bargains,don't let a number get you are doing a great job!

Katy said...

Honestly, I find it's challenging to be "all in" on more than one big personal goal at a time... mine has been paying down the mortgage, and the weight coming off has taken a backseat.

I think you're doing great.

SwapSavers said...

Sometimes you just need a break from saving money. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while :)