Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weight Watchers Fans - Great Deal on 2 pt. Fiber One Bars!

Okay...are you on Weight Watchers?  Need some CHEAP 2 point snacks?  Weight Watchers charges $3.50 for a box of their snack bars.  But don't pay that - get Fiber One Bars for "FREE"! Stock up at Shaw's until Thursday (tomorrow) with this:

Buy 6 boxes of Fiber One bars (the PB flavor is 3 points).  Print out coupons for them at, (you have to register here - but it's so worth it), &  You can print 2 coupons at each site.  They are all for .40/1 box - which doubles at Shaw's. 

This week the boxes are $2.49 ea.  With having 6 .40/1 coupons that all double, it brings the boxes down to $1.69 ea.  You pay $10.14 out of pocket,'ll get $10.50 off your next purchase (a $7 CAT and $3.50 CAT will spit out at you at the register for you to use on your next trip).  Essentially, you "make" 36 cents by doing this.  Have any questions?  Ask away! 

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Anonymous said...

Do we give them our Shaw's card? The last time I tried to do with PSP, I didn't get my CAT.