Monday, March 1, 2010

Shaw's Run

Total Before Savings:  $78.91
Preferred Savings:  $26.49
Coupons Used:  $18
Cash OOP:  $34.42
CATs Earned:  $16.50

Non Cat Stuff
2 packs of Mushrooms - $1 ea
1 pack of Strawberries - $3.88
6 Shaw's Yogurts - .49 ea

CAT (Tried To Triple, but didn't work for me - but has for others)
4 Fiber One Bars - PSP $3.79, Sale $2.49 (4 .40/1 MFCs DOUBLE from and $1.69 ea
2 Chex Mix Bars - PSP $3.39, Sale $2.49 (.40/1 & .60/1 MFCs DOUBLE from and
2 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes - PSP $2.19, Sale .99 (2 .50/cake & frosting MFC DOUBLES) .49 ea
4 Frostings - PSP $2.19, Sale $1.49 (2 .50/1 MFCs DOUBLE from, 2 from cake coupon)
4 Trix Yogurts - PSP $3.29, Sale $2.60 (2 .80/2 MFC DOUBLE from
2 Wheaties Fuel - PSP $4.29, Sale $2.49 (2 .75/1 MFCs DOUBLE from .99 ea
2 Reese's Puffs - PSP $4.49, Sale $2.49 (2 .55/1 MFCs DOUBLE from $1.39 ea

PRE-Sale Price:  $65.80
Cash OOP:  $25.60
CATs Earned:  $16.50 (2 $7s and a $2.50 - planned on $21, but it's all good)
Net:  $9.10

Things From This Trip:

- I don't have the drive in me to make multiple trips this CAT.  I really just wanted the Fiber One bars.  Had I known and done my research about the extra CAT with them, I would have bought 5 boxes. 

-  Every single one of my coupons was printed at or TODAY. 

-  My store was completely in stock with EVERYTHING CAT.  People!  Take advantage of this outstanding sales!

-  I wanted to try the 90 Calorie Fiber One bars but they are not part of the sale (at least they didn't have the little tag hanging from them at my store). 

-  If you buy the Reese's Puffs, you might get addicted to them.  But remember:  Better to eat the cereal than the candy, right? 

-  I forgot my recycling return yet again.  I'm going to have an entire cart load of bottles and cans to return when I finally get my butt in gear with that. 


debbiew said...

strawberries are on sale for 2/$5 at Roxie's!

Anonymous said...

I read on another blog (can't remember which one) that the yogurt isn't working for the CAT deal. That is probably why you couldn't triple it.

Anonymous said...

I've seen your previous posts on Roche Brothers and just wanted to give you a heads up that my Roche Brothers flyer was announcing some new daily specials. I'm going today for double $1 coupons and tomorrow for cheap Land o Lakes american cheese paired with an internet coupon. You should check it out it you haven't yet already.