Friday, March 5, 2010

Shaw's Run Yesterday!

These deals won't work today or this week since I did it yesterday.  I had to run to Shaw's to get flour and sugar - so I had to do another CAT run! 

Started with $9.50 in CATS
Total Before Savings:  $47.22
Preferred Savings:  $14.69
Coupons Used:  $19.59
Cash OOP:  $12.94

2 dozen Eggs - $1.79 ea (BOGO MFC from Incredible Edible Egg's Facebook Promo)
1 pack of Straws - .99
Green Sprinkles - $1.49
Softsoap - $1.00 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES from All You Magazine) FREE!
Gold Medal Flour - $2.79 (.75/1 MFC from DOUBLED) $1.29
Shaw's Sugar - $2.79
3 Gordon's Grilled Fillet Fish - Reg. $3.99, Sale $1.99 ea (2 .40/1 MFCs & 1 .60/1 MFCs all Double)  $1.06 ea

6 Progresso Soups - $1.49 ea (1 $1/4 MFC, 1 .50/2 MFC DOUBLED) $1.15 ea
2 Chex Mix Bars - $2.49 ea ($1/2 MFC) $1.99 ea

Total to Earn $7 CAT:   $10.88
CATs Rolled:  $9.50
Cash OOP:  $1.38
CATs Earned:  $7.00

Things From This Trip:

-  Successful run for me.  Some people are reporting their Shaw's aren't taking internet BOGO coupons, but I've had luck with the egg coupons. 

-  I had a cashier I never had before and she cheered me on with the coupons.  That always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  She told me that I should grocery shop professionally with how good I did.  I don't think there is such a thing, but if Couponing ever becomes an Olympic sport I'll see if I can try out to represent Team USA.

-  I'm trying to take a few deep breaths before I attempt this week's Catalina Extravaganza.

-  Stop & Shop had $1 doublers in their flyer this week - use them at Shaw's!  If the cashier looks at you dumbfounded and says "Ahhhh....we can't take these."  Just say "Yes you can, it's PLU 611".  Okay, I'll have to double check that number later, but I'm pretty sure it's 611.  It's somewhere on my blog.

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