Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shaw's Run!

Total Before Savings:  $54.31
Total Preferred Savings:  $16.63
Total Coupons Used:  $19.12
Cash OOP:  $18.56

2 Lobster Classic - BOGO Free @ $3.29.  2 $1/1 MFCs from  .60 ea!
2 Boulder Canyon Chips - $2.79 ea (BOGO Free MFC from $1.40 ea
2 dozen eggs - $1.79 ea (BOGO Free from Incredible Edible Egg on Facebook) .90 ea
17 oz Carapelli Olive Oil - $3.49 ($1/1 MFC from paper) $2.49
3 Campbell's Soup at Hands - .99 ea (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES, $1/2 MFC) .33 ea
2 Wise Snacks - BOGO Free @ $2.99 (2 .50/1 MFCs DOUBLE from .50 ea!
1 Diet Dr. Pepper - $1.25 (FREE MFC in store today) FREE!
2 Danimals Crush Cups - $2.49 ea ($1/2 MFC) $2.00 ea
7 Yoplait Yogurts - .79 ea (1 Free WYB 6 MFC) .67 ea
2 Old Spice Red Zone Swagger scent Deodorant - Reg. $3.99, clearance $1.99 (exp. is 5/2011 - not sure why on Clearance).  ($3/2 Old Spice MFC from P&G Mom's Olympic Mailer that came this week in the mail).  .50 cents ea!


Melissa said...

Did you have to sign up to get the P&G Olympic Savings mailer? Or were you part of a lucky group of people to receive it? Thanks!

Bargain Becky said...

Hi Melissa!

I didn't specifically sign up for it. I did request Cruiser samples last week and got them today! I think I requested them Thursday or Friday!

I did a giveaway for P&G and signed up at their website for offers so that's probably why I got it. I'm also a Pampers gifts-to-grow member so maybe that's how they got it? Who knows! But the $3/2 Old Spice deodorant is a good coupon!

Lena Trombly said...

Ok, I'm waiting for you to come up with some cool healthy recipe for the lobster classic. I bought it and I have not a clue!

Bargain Becky said...

Ha ha...yeah. I'm kind of lost too. I was thinking of making some lobster salad with it. Why I bought it is beyond me. Marketing had it's way with me!!