Friday, February 26, 2010

Shaw's Healthy Deals 2/26-3/4

Still trucking on with trying to eat healthy and not spend a fortune.  February is not a good example of this - but I try to just keep thinking long term.  I really can care less what my week-to-week budget is, because it varies a lot, but I kind of dig the whole "year" goal. 

So what's shaking at Shaw's this week?  Go to to print off coupons.  This week's items include:

$1/3 lbs or more Semi-Boneless Rib Steak
$1/1 lbs or more Wild Sockeye Salmon
$1/1 lbs or more Shaw's Turkey Breast (deli)
$1/2 Culinary Circle Sides
$1/1 Wild Harvest Organic Salad ($4.99 reg. price)
$1/1 Purple Passion Flowers (if I was a stripper, I'd demand that my name be "Purple Passion")
$1/1 Culinary Circle Pasta Sauce
$1/1 Whole Care Dog or Cat Food
$1/2 Shaw's Cranberry Juice
$1/5 Shaw's Condensed Soup

Back Page Catalina (General Mills, Buy $20, Get $7 Off Your Next Purchase)
These have worked on Pre-Sale Prices in the past.  I'll probably plot out a few scenarios.  I'm going to be concentrating on the Progresso Soup, Fiber One Bars and maybe a few other things. 

Just C.H.I.L.L. Catalina - buy 10 products, Get $10 OYNP
See page 3 of the circular. 

Healthy Crap to Stock Up on This Week

Boneless Chicken Breast - $1.99

Lean Cuisines - $1.99 (I hate frozen dinners...but they are handy at times)

Shaw's Canned Vegetables - .66

Edy's Ice Cream - BOGO Free

8 oz. Whole Mushrooms - $1

16 oz. Baby Carrots - $1

28 oz. Pastene or Red Pack Tomatoes - $1

StarKist Albacore Tuna - $1

Softsoap Premium - $1 (.50/1 in this month's All You.  Will Double so this will be free)

Gordon's Fish - 50% off (MFCs from paper and on the Gorton's Website)

Shady Brook Farms Turkey Sausage (20 oz) - $3.99

Shaw's Yogurt (6 oz) - .49

StonyField Farm Yogurt (6 oz) - .59 (register at and print off a .50/3 MFC that will double)

StarKist Pouches - $1.39 (recent MFCs in paper for $1/2 pouches)

Hopefully more will come later after I go through my coupons and plot out some Catalina scenarios.  Happy and Healthy Shopping to all this week!


Kris said...

I like how you snuck the ice cream in there...I like the way you think :-)

Bargain Becky said...

Ha ha...I have 3 full containers of Breyers in my freezer due to that stupid BJ's rebate...oh, I found a $1/1 Edy's coupon in my stash. Came from the paper a week or two ago. It's Friday night and I'm making grocery lists for Monday. I'm wild.

Kellie said...

I noticed at the bototm on this weeks flyer is says something like "one GM deal per card" or something to that effect (don't have the flyer with me at the moment). Maybe it always says that and I never noticed OR is SHAWS onto us getting more than one of the cat deals???? eeek!


Bargain Becky said...

I think it always says that Kellie - and I know the coupons that spit out say it too. Shhh...don't tell anyone! ;) I need to stock up on Fiber One bars (2 pts for the reg. kinds - except PB which are 3 and 1 pt ea for the new 90 calorie ones).