Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good BJ's Coupon - Arnold Thin Breads!

If you're a BJ's member and you are doing the WW thing (or not) - here's a good deal for you.  Check out their coupons on their site HERE

My favorite is the "Save $2 on Arnold Thin Breads when you buy 1 lbs of Dietz & Watson deli meat".  Arnold Thin Breads are $2.29 at my BJ's - so if you are buying deli meat anyways, you'd get a package for .29. 

There is a $2 off coupon for Sensible Portions Pita Bites.  Not sure of the normal price, but I've had these before and they are okay. 

There is a $3 off Boboli Party Pack.  My husband and kids have been on board with my desire to "make" pizza once a week instead of ordering out.  Makes our grocery spending a little higher - but we aren't spending $15+ at the pizza shop and I don't go crazy with my points.

I'm about to head out to BJ's.  The husband started back up work and I have to stock up on lunch stuff for him.  This one will probably be a doozy (but rather spend $80 on lunch stuff for him for the month than have him spend $8 a day for lunch out and about...)

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