Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cover Your Hair: Review & Giveaway

I was recently fortunate enough to sample a product from a great little company called "Cover Your Hair".  You can find them online at  I'm not really a big "head gear" person, but after looking at their site for a while, I wish I was!  They have tons of unique pieces including belts, bandanas, headbands, tichels, snoods, turbans, chappones, etc. etc.  Being a bargain hunter, I have to say, the prices on the site are fantastic!  I have a few relatives who are teenage girls and these products would make perfect gifts for them.  Cover Your Hair is currently offering $1 shipping, however, I do not know how long this deal is good for (So hurry!  Go buy something from them NOW!) 

If you are a housewife and reading this, you will see how Cover Your Hair can change your daily look.  Take a look of my before and after pictures...

(This is me in the morning.  I have my coffee and my coupons.  My hair is a mess.  I look like I am addicted to prescription drugs, but rest assured, I am not.)

(The next morning, upon receiving a fabulous head piece from Cover Your Hair.  I threw it on in the morning before going downstairs.  I look happy.  I look healthy.  I look like I am ready to get my cleaning on.)

Cover Your Hair is going to give one of my lucky readers a free $25 box of surprise Hair Accessories! 
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How To Enter:

1.  MANDATORY.  Visit and write in a comment which items you would love to have.

Additional Entries:

1) Join their Google Friend Connect:
Go to Click "Join This Site" in the Google Friend Connect box.  Leave a comment telling me this.

2) Follow them on Networked Blogs,
Go to and click "Follow This Blog" on the Networked Blog box.  Leave a comment telling me this.

3) Follow them on twitter:
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4) Subscribe to their Blog feed
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5) Add to your blog roll.  Leave a comment telling me this.
Here's all the boring rules:
-  You can enter up to 6 times with the methods mentioned.  You do this by commenting on this blog post (see the "leave comment" link below?  Click that.)  Comments on Facebook and Twitter don't count. 
-  You can enter up until 11:59 pm EST on 2/28/10 .
-  I'll pick a winner on March 1st through
-  I'll email and announce the winner that day. 
-  I'll appreciate all feedback that includes how sexy I look with head pieces. 
Thanks for reading and look forward to reading your comments (so you better make them good ones!).


debbiew said...
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debbiew said...

Sorry, I forgot to tell you which I like! They're all cute, but I'm a pony tail girl and I've been looking for something cute besides just the black band. The Studded Stoned Pony Holders are perfect!

Kara said...

Those adorable flower thin headbands are... well, adorable! I'm growing out my bangs and really ought to look into headbands more.

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

I'd like to give my neice the lime paisley tie back!

Angelina said...

Hi Becky,

1st I have to say I Love your before pic. I have some very scary ones myself, I'll have to post one too. haha!

I'd really like to try my hand (hair) at an Israeli Tichel with fringe - so pretty!!

alexandrea said...

We love volume in our hair in the morning dont we? ;)
I like the grey Paisley bandana, the soft polka dot ties (I have hard plastic headbands but they give me headaches, these look great!) and a lot of the great colors in the hand made feather headbands!
Thank you for the giveaway!

Dawn said...

I really like the fur pony holders. Black and brown were the colors I liked the best

Dawn said...

I follow cover your hair on twitter @dawn408

susan said...

the everyday wool beret looks great. love it!

Kris said...

First I need to say that your pictures cracked me up! You look beautiful in your headband!

I checked out their website. I would probably try the peaceful breeze headband...mainly because the name makes me think about the summer!

jennem said...

At CoverYourHair, I like the Cherry Tie Dye Tie Back.
Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

Jessica said...

I LOVE the Studded Jewels Hard Headbands...they are so cute!

Patty said...

I like the elegant flower pony holder and studded stoned pony holder.

Rhonda said...

I want so many things on their website~ so wish I'd found it sooner. I have bad hair anyway and with in between coloring & letting it grown out from an awful hair cut...this is great. Plus the head bands make the clip on pony tails look better : ) Okay, here is my list: Turquoise Feather Pattern Pre-tied bandana,Feather brown PT Bandana,Crochet Warm Wide Headband,Israeli Tichels (all colors), all around wide pre tied head bands(all colors), Golden Honey on black velvet pre-tied bandana to name a few...I love Cover Your Hair...

Rhonda said...

I forgot to leave my email address:


Kelly said...

I have been looking all over for these pre tied bandanas my friends wear them and they look awesome on. I am going to buy some of them. Check it out