Thursday, February 25, 2010

BJ's Coupon Policy - Straight From the SOURCE!

The kind people over at BJ's marketing company have contacted me a few times to promote some of their specials and whatnot.  I really like this because I do love shopping at BJ's and knowing about specials they are having.  They really love it because well, it's free marketing for them if I put it on my blog. 

Anyways.  BJ's emailed me with their coupon policy spilled out in Black & White (this is from the Senior Account Executive).  Here....I'll cut and paste it:

Many people don’t know that they (BJ's) are the only major wholesale club that accept both manufacturers’ coupons from the Sunday newspaper – or print them online from sites like or – and BJ’s own coupons that can be found in-club or on their website at What’s more…shoppers can use multiple coupons on their more than 7,000 in-stock items.

Here’s how it works: If buying a three-pack of toothpaste, they can actually use three coupons – one for each individual tube – for additional savings on the grocery bill. Coupons are available for a host of products that the clubs stock, including everything from cosmetics to cleaning supplies to meat and prepared foods.

So if you are having issues at your BJ's with cashiers not accepting multiple coupons for multi-product packages, either print this out and show them (or point them to the check writing table right there at the register where this same exact policy is printed out very straightforward).  If you continue having problems, shoot me an email and I'll forward you contact information so you can voice your concerns or problems with coupons being accepted at your BJ's. 


Money Saving Maine-iac said...

This is awesome! I never knew! I'll post and link back to you.

Maria McGill said...

I knew this from elsewhere but it's so nice to have it on print. I love to shop at BJ's.

Kari said...

Oh this is excellent. I haven't been doing much BJs shopping recently because I thought I couldn't get good deals on packaging in bulk. Does anyone know about packages of drinks? I'm thinking specifically about the izze drinks. I noticed BJs has an Izze coupon for $2.50 off a 12 pack. Could I also use the $0.75 off one izze drink printable? Thanks in advance!

uppervalleymom said...

Thanks so much for posting this Becky!

Mesha said...

Can I use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 BJs coupon on a single item?