Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad Karma ala Dollar Tree

Here is a tale of how my bad thoughts bit me in the arse.

A few days before Valentine's Day, I ran into CVS to pick up a prescription (I don't count these towards my grocery spending).  I saw a whole bunch of suckers looking at the cards for their true loves.  As I walked by them, all I was thinking was "These dumb asses are going to spend $3+ a card and if they just walked their butts next door to the Dollar Tree, they can get equally as thrilling cards for only .50 cents."  So after I got my prescription, I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up 6 cards for a whopping $3. 

So this morning, I was going through our checking account online and noticed two dual CVS charges for $5.30.  I knew my husband went to CVS on V-Day (he scored a $24.99 bouquet of flowers for $4.99 because it wasn't ringing up correctly and the cashier goes 'Oh, I think these are just $5'.  Worked for him.)  I assumed said cashier just scanned his card twice or something.  So I ask him.  His reply?  "Oh, one was for the flowers and I ran back in because I forgot to buy you a card."  Of course, my insensitive-self goes "You spent $4.99 on my card?" (note:  It was nothing too special - just your standard lovey dovey V-day card).  He goes, "Yeah, isn't that how much they all are?"  I informed him about how wonderful the Dollar Tree is. He now stands corrected. 

Moral of the story?  The Dollar Tree is freaking awesome.  It is unlike any other dollar store.  It is the master.  It honestly should be a church because it's so majestic.  If you have not been, go.  It's especially a great place for party supplies.

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