Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get a Free Pound of Dunkin Donuts Coffee!

So I probably tricked some people by reading this with the title - but if you are generous enough to donate blood in January, you get a voucher for a free pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee (at New England Blood Drives)!  I went yesterday.  Right after, I swung by Dunkin Donuts and grabbed my bag so I wouldn't forget about the voucher.  The highlight of last night's blood donation was talking to some guy - who obviously just got out of an office.  He asked me if I was waiting for a long time.  I replied "Not too long, maybe 20 minutes, but I'll do anything for some free coffee."  He replied (very seriously), "Well whatever gets you to come in.  It's kind of sad that it takes giving something to people in order to give."  I really tried not to laugh - but come on!  I just smiled and told him I was joking, but he was not amused with my coffee prostitution humor.

Now anyone can go to the Red Cross website and see the benefits of donating blood (i.e. saving lives, helping up to 3 people with your donation, etc.).  But what are some other benefits?

-  If you have kids, it's a good reason to escape them for an hour, hour and a half. 

-  You meet some interesting people.

-  Almost every month they have some promo. 

-  You get free cookies, juice and water.

-  Your blood gets tested for things like HIV and other diseases.  All for free.  And they'll let you know if you pop positive for something.

-  You learn if you have strong veins or not.  I do not.  Usually they can hardly find them. 

-  You can laugh at the people who are too impatient to wait and bother the workers (if you never donated before, it might be a good idea to bring a book, magazine or have a fancy phone where you can goof off in case of a line). 

-  Last nice, I was nice to one of the donors and she told me some area places she has done her son's birthday parties that aren't too expensive - with reviews and prices.  This information is priceless.   

-  A pint of blood (the amount that you give) weighs just over a pound.  Instant weight loss people! 

So go my friends.  Donate.  Drink Coffee.  Love Life!


Lena Trombly said...

Thanks for donating Becky even if it was for the coffee or weight loss. My daughter would not have been here today without the blood she received from her donor.

Also if you have negative blood type they are in great need of that type (at least in Manchester NH). I never donated before my daughter was born, but now I truly understand the need for everyone to donate if they can.

So go get your coffee everyone or whatever they are giving away.

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks for sharing Lena! I'm truly blessed to hear that your daughter is doing well.

I didn't really do it for the free coffee - it's just something I try to do as often as possible and I find their promos a little funny (I think next month is a box of chocolate covered strawberries!) - but if promos get more people in the door to donate, then that's all that matters. Most of my readers like free stuff - so what better way to get free stuff than give some blood?

I was in high school when I first donated - and yes, I think the only reason I did it was to get out of English class - but hey, it got me donate and I've probably donated about 15 more times since.

I never needed blood, and up until recently, I never knew someone who needed a transfusion. I just always thought of it as something nice to do - since we don't exactly have the means to drop mad loot on charities, it's just one way I can be somewhat charitable without breaking the bank. Sometimes actions speak louder than checkbooks.

Thanks again Lena!

Lindsay said...

hahaha you caught me! Great post :)

Kari said...

I also first donated blood for the first time in HS (passed out cold, but luckily that didn't stop me).

I convinced 3 of my friends from grad school to donate last year when the blood drive came to school. They were giving out $5 starbucks gift cards, of course I didn't do it just for the card, but it doesn't hurt to gain something in return right? (I've heard some states even pay cash).

Afterward, the kind folks at NY Blood were calling me so frequently (must have been a huge need for blood) that I had to ask them to stop calling and only e-mail me...bloodsuckers :)

Thanks for the reminder my 90 days is up and I can give again.