Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Box Tops For Education Catalina Coming Up!

Head on over to to print coupons for Betty Crocker, Green Giant and select GM items because Shaw's is having a $20/$5 Catalina next week.  Not only do you get a $5 Off Your Next Purchase coupon, you get a 50 Bonus Box Tops coupon which is great if you collect them for your child's school.  I do, because I'm all Polly Homemaker like that. 


Kara said...

Do you know if those bonus box tops coupons transfer? Like, if I get one, can I give it to you, since Abby is not in a school that would collect them?

Bargain Becky said...

Oh yeah! They can go to any school that takes them Kara. You should tell Abby's school to register - one of those 50 Box Tops coupons is worth $5 for the school. Each box top you cut out is 10 cents. Not much, but it adds up. I don't think it's a public school thing as a private school near me is on the list of accepting schools.