Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st Weight Watchers Meeting - and a Free Alternative!

I embarked on my first Weight Watchers meeting this morning. I'm actually starting off at 165 - woohoo! I'm excited and like all that meeting nonsense.

If you want to do a program similar to Weight Watchers but don't want to spend the $40 a month, I hightly recommend It's a lot like Weight Watchers e-Tools, but it doesn't go on a Points system - but it is free.

And if you aren't trying to lose weight or eat healthy, well then, sorry for bothering you with this post! Now go get your 50 prints for 50 cents at Snapfish!


Kris said...

Good for you for joining! I just joined again about 4 weeks ago. Already down 5 lbs! Only 20 to go! I like that you are doing recipes for us too, thanks!

Katy said...

Yo- If you want to laugh your butt off, come with me in Q-Town on Wednesday nights. Tanya is insane- you'll LOVE her!!!!

Bargain Becky said...

That's awesome Kris! I really like the WW program so far. I was wicked hungry the first couple days but now I'm settling on down - and I have a ton more energy these days. And it's only been like a week.