Monday, December 7, 2009

Unemployment = Death?

So my husband got laid off Thanksgiving week.  He was told last November that 11/20/09 would be his last day. (He helped put up that new building in downtown Boston by the Children's Museum).  So now what?  We just sit around and wait for his union to put him back to work.  I'm finding though, when I tell people he's laid off, most act as if someone died in my family or something.  Most common response is "oh, I'm so sorry Becky!"  Why are people sorry?  Both my husband and I are happy as pie, it's not unexpected, and as long as he stays in this line of work until he dies, periods of unemployment is inevitable. 

I figure unemployment and savings can float us for a while as long as we're not stupid.  I don't work - well I work.  I'm a domestic engineer but I don't get paid.  I guess if we get desperate, I could go back to work.  But that would suck.  I like sitting around with the kids all day and goofing off.  Oh, I mean cleaning and cooking.  I guess I just don't see the big deal in this unemployment business.  Maybe I'm naive.  Or just in denial.  Maybe panic will settle in when I have to get my oil tank filled next month...

So my challenge this month is not to laugh when people get all sympathetic on me when I tell them the husband is laid off.  Sensitivity isn't my strong suit.  Being cheap is.  So here are some tips that I'm trying to live by during this time:

-  I don't use credit cards.  I have hidden them in my wallet.  If we need to buy something, we debit card it.  If it gets denied - we're out of luck.

-  FREE FUN IS ALL AROUND!  We're trying to take advantage of a lot free fun around.  The library, the local family network, playgrounds, our zoo pass, etc.  I'm being a lot more stern in packing a lunch and snacks for my kids. 

-  Trying to stay home.  We have a lot of home improvements that we need to finish up.  We have the materials for a bunch of them so we're trying to knock them out. 

-  I guess my final tip is just not to worry.  We know what we have to pay on time (mortgage, car payment).  We know what payments can float a little if we can't swing them.  Things work out.  They always do. 



Anonymous said...

I thought it was just me...I asked to be laid off several times in the last few months. I really wanted to stay home with my kids for the better part of a year and knew between unemployment and savings, I could do it. My boss disagreed. I'm over it now that winter is here (and I am taking a lot of vacation time) but still, I get where you're coming from!

Enjoy the time.


pinupmomma said...

omg ur poor husband!!!!! =-P never mind that atleast u get a break now and get to get out by ur self....... JEALOUS!!!! enjoy

BabiesandBargains said...

We got laid off in June and it was a complete shock in which we were in NO way prepared!! It was awful we didnt have good savings etc. We also have a mortgage mod now because of it.