Friday, December 18, 2009

Jones' Sausage Deal (if you have 2 of those MFCs from the paper)

Okay.  There was recently a coupon in the paper for "Buy any Jones' Natural Link Sausage, Get a Sausage Roll for Free (max. value $3.00)".  If you have 2 of these coupons, it's your week at Shaw's!

2 Coupons = 2 boxes of links, 2 rolls

Box of Jones' Sausage Links This week:  $1.79 (x 2) = $3.58
Sausage Rolls this week:  BOGO @ $3.99

The coupon should take off 2 $3s.  So $6 (unless you get a cashier like I did last week and took off 2 $3.99s).  3.58 + 3.99 = $7.57 - $6 = $1.57 for $12.56 worth of Sausage!  Becomes a Money Maker if the cashier takes off $3.99 per roll!


Kris said...

I'm still holding onto my coupon for those because my Shaw's doesn't carry the rolls! Does yours? Maybe I should hit up a different Shaws this week to get them. I only have one coupon but I figured with that I can buy one package of the links and get two rolls free right??

Bargain Becky said...

That's rihjt Kris! Buy 1 pk for $1.79 (as advertised this week), grab 2 rolls for free!

They are`$3.99 and the coupon says "Max $3.00" but my cashier took off the $3.99 last week.

They had them at the Weymouth Shaw's last week - they were in the frozen section right under the links. The Links also had $1/2 peelies on them which I was able to use in conjunction with the Free Rolls.

Anonymous said...

there's a bogo printable too!

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks Anonymous! I Facebooked it!