Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A $71 Cardboard Box?

Merry belated Christmas to Everyone!  I hope everyone had a fun and glorious day with their loved ones!  I certainly did!  My husband once again melted my bargain heart.  I asked for new pots and pans for Christmas.  He thought I was nuts - but that's what I wanted. 

So apparently he made a trip down to the outlets.  He found a bunch of sets he liked for me but they all ranged in price from $149-$229.  He thought I would hurt him if he spent upwards of $200 on some new pots & pans.  He was right.  But before leaving, he walked by the clearance section and saw a set that he just saw in the pots & pans isle.  The set was regularly $179.  This one particular set's box was all beat up but was marked at 40% off.  So the husband inspects everything - and it was all there, in fine condition, most pieces still wrapped up the way the factory did it - the box was just damaged and opened.  He thought he'd look odd giving me a beat up box of pots & pans, but then compared it to the same exact sets with "normal" boxes and decided that at a savings of $71, he'd buy the set with the beat up box.  Because in theory - the only thing wrong with the product was the cardboard box.  Thankfully my husband rationalized that no cardboard box is worth $71. 

On Christmas, I opened up my present - was very happy, ripped open the box to inspect my new, lovely pan set - and didn't even notice the "beat up" box.  I was just happy to have "good" pans.  Shortly there after, I broke it down and put it in my recycling bin.   So I just wanted to give a shoutout to whomever damaged that pot & pan box!  I don't know why you did it, but you saved us $71.  For that, I thank you!  


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Tams* said...

Thats awesome!!!
I always look for beat up boxes... my husband always says BUT the box is beat up... and i say and is what is in the box beat up? NOPE!! =)