Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shaw's: Ronzoni Smart Taste Stockup Time!

This week at Shaw's, Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta is $1 a box (we love this crap - it's "healthy" but it's also not whole wheat pasta.  It tastes like normal white pasta).  You can print off $1/2 MFCs off and  So it comes to .50 a box.  Very good price for "good" pasta. 

Also, you probably have grocery shopping on the back of your mind (like I do), but if you scored a $5 CAT from the J.M. Smucker Company the other week, they expire soon!  Mine actually expires I'll be going to stock up on some pasta.  Can't let $5 go to waste!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks...we love that pasta too...I never feel bad giving it to my kids. Even $1 a box is a steal!!