Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shaw's Milk Run!

I needed milk.  I was set to go up to Tedeschi's but realized it would be cheaper at Shaw's. 

Started with $20 in CATs

Total Before Savings:  $38.67
Total Preferred Savings:  $12.12
Total Coupons:  $24.40
Cash OOP:  $2.15
OYNP Coupons Earned:  $15.00

CAT (X1)
12 Progresso Soups - PSP $2.50, Sale $1.49 (4 $1.10/3 MFCs from and

Cash OOP for CAT (to generate $15 CATs):  $13.48 - so since I had to get milk and use $20 in CATs, I needed fillers!  I thought the milk was $3.69, so I would be all set with 2 gallons to put me over $20.  But the price went down to $2.99!  Darn it!  I would only be at $19.46.  But I knew I needed Chili Powder, so I grabbed that to put me over.

Non-Cat Fillers
2 Gallons of milk - $2.99 ea
1 Shaw's brand Chili Powder - $2.69

Things I learned:

-  Darn it Shaw's!  Why did you have to go and lower the price of milk on me!

-  Here's a good example of how "newbies" can learn about this.  Buy 12 cans of soup (believe me, you'll eat it all this winter).  Even if you don't want to go to, or, you'll still only pay $17.88 out of pocket.  BUT, the kicker is that you'll get a coupon for $15 off your next purchase.  Cheap, good soup! 

-  Remember, this deal doubles and even triples.  Good deals to be had!  These CAT coupons will come in handy for most who are doing their Thanksgiving grocery shopping at Shaw's. 

-  My kids stole a candy bar.  I didn't realize it unitl I was out of the car and one was already buckled into his seat.  I got him out and I made them return it to the cashier and say "sorry".  She was giving me the look of "Who cares!  Lady, you just "stole" a butt load of groceries from me and you care about a stupid candy bar?"  But I felt better about that.  In the car home, I told my 3 year-old he can't steal things because the police will come after him and put him in jail.  He responded by saying that if the policemen ever chase him, he'll just run away from them.  Looks like I might have to start stocking up on things to donate to my local prison. 


vfolsom said...

cute story. Your 3 yr old sounds adorable

maryanne said...

I loved the newbie tips (since I am a newbie at this). Now to find a Shaw's close enough to drive to with my three car-detesting children...