Monday, November 2, 2009

Piperlime Order Arrived: No Gift Card

Remember last week (the 27th to be exact), if you ordered anything from Piperlime, you got a $25 gift card?  Well I got my box today, but there is no gift card in there.  I shall call them to inquire.  Anyone know what the story is?

**Updated:  So I called Piperlime.  I got some sort of crazy answer.  They said some people had an e-mail code sent to them (I didn't - just checked spam and other folders).  Some people will have them in the box with their shipment.  I did not.  Then I guess they are going to mail out some on November 4th to those who didn't get any.  He told me to call back in like a week if I didn't get it.  I don't understand why they just don't do it one way and one way only. **

Have you gotten your $25 gift card?  How?


Anonymous said...

I got my coupon today inside the box the shoes were shipped in...

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks. I'll harass them in another week if I don't get it!