Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Last Shaw's Run This Week

Started with $25 in CATS

Total Before Savings: $64.66
Total Preferred Savings:  $21.96
Total Coupons:  $34.05
Cash OOP:  $8.65
CATS Earned:  $30.00

CAT (x2)
2 Skippy PB - PSP $2.50, Sale $1.99 ($1/2 MFC from Red Plum insert) $1.49 ea
2 Lipton Soup Mix - PSP $1.89, Sale .99 ($1/2 MFC from Red Plum insert) .49 ea
3 Ragus - PSP $2.79, Sale $1.99 ($1.25/3 MFC from Red Plum insert) $1.57 ea
4 Progresso Soups - PSP $2.50, Sale $1.49 ($1/4 MFC from paper) $1.24 ea
3 Fiber One Bars - PSP $3.79, Sale $2.49 ($1/2 MFC, .40/1 MFC DOUBLES) $1.89 ea
2 Breyer's Ice Creams - PSP $5.79, Sale $2.99 ($1/2 MFC) $2.49 ea
1 Country Crock - PSP $4.99, Sale $3.39
2 Yoplait Delights - PSP $3.29, Sale $2.49 (2 $1/1 MFCs) $1.49

PSP:  $61.67

Shaw's Parmasean Cheese - $2.99

Things From this Trip:

-  I wasn't going to go, but I saw the Red Plum today and the Ragus, Skippy and Lipton Onion Soup mix were calling my name. 

-  I had a code for a free Red Box movie.  So I let my sons pick out a movie.  They drove me crazy during this trip but that's nothing out of the ordinary.

-  The cashier actually asked me how I always get great coupons to print out.  I just told her I work the sales to my favor.  The lady behind me made a comment about how coupons aren't worth it because they make you buy things you normally wouldn't.  I understand, but heavens, I'm not brand picky at all.  Getting a bunch of tomato sauce, peanut butter and soup for dirt cheap works for me (regardless of brand), it will be eaten and no, in fact, I wouldn't buy these things if I didn't have coupons for them because I would feel ripped off if I didn't have coupons!! 


Diane said...

You should have told the lady behind much you save in coupons :)
I have a lady at work that laughs when i cut out my coupons at work. She always saying I wasting my time. So i showed her my savings on my she cuts coupons also :)

Anonymous said...

Your stock up for donations a few weeks ago inspired me with this Catalina deal - I have about 15 boxes of cereal, a case of paper towels, soup and 12 jars of peanut butter to take to my local food pantry! Thanks for all of your inspiring tips. I am hosting an what am I going to do with all that ice cream - I had 75 cent coupons that doubled on the Breyers!

Lena Trombly said...

I too was inspired by what you did for the food pantry. Here's what I did for mine if your interested. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Lena, awesome job for the food pantry.

Becky, just a quick note to look inside the fiber 1 boxes. Mine had B1G1F for the yogurt and they are good until Feb 2010. I used all but 1 for this past deal.

Anyway, thanks for the blog. I used your soup scenario to stock up on soup for me, my parents and the food bank. Thanks!