Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hannaford's Helps Fight Hunger - a Post at Money Saving Maine-iac!

Check out Money Saving Maine-iac's post on Hannaford's new promo involving providing food for those in need this holiday season! 

Check out her post HERE!  Teresa is the go-to girl for all things Hannaford and Maine related.  I'm not really familiar with Maine.  I went to a summer camp in Alfred, ME as a girl.  I've been to Kittery to go shopping.  I've drank a good deal of Poland Springs water in my life.  And that my friends is about my experience with Maine.  So go.  Read Teresa's blog Money Saving Maine-iac and eat a lobster!


Money Saving Maine-iac said...


I believe the pronotion is running at your Hannafords also.

Thanks for the funny link up though.

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