Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Evolution of a Holiday Door - Part 1

So, I got this bright idea to enter my town's Holiday Door Decorating Contest.  It just seemed like some good old-fashioned Christmas Fun.  I've never decorated a door before.  I mean, other than putting a wreath on it.  Well anyways, the doors are suppose to be done this coming Friday - but I'm going to CT for Thanksgiving so I'm getting a head start.  Now, it's no surprise that those who know me that I'm not really a "classy" lady.  I mean, I know when to keep my mouth shut (most of the time) - but I'm not buying my Christmas decorations from the Pottery Barn.  Oh no.  I went to my recycling bin and local Dollar Tree to start sprucing this joint up.

The actual door decoration.  I decided to make a 5 ft. tall cardboard Christmas Tree and decorate it.  I'll duct tape it to the door.  Then I'm going to have snowflakes on the door too.  So I took some cardboard boxes, duct taped them together and cut out a Christmas Tree.

It seemed a little flimsy.  So I paper mached it.

After the paper mache, I painted it green.  Then I glued tinsel, garland and bells to it.  My husband told me it's one of the tackiest things he has seen in his life.  Score!  It's sitting in the basement waiting to be taped up to the door this Friday.  I still have to make a tree topper for it.  That shall come soon.

Sadly, I had to say good bye to my corn stalks and Happy Harvest sign today.

Today, since the weather was so nice, I put up the garland and found these awesome plastic snowflakes at the Dollar Tree.  I'm going to put lights all over it - but I don't have to worry about that just yet.  I just want the porch to pop some with my door decoration.  Kind of work the porch to my favor.  I have 2 plastic reindeer and a santa coming in the mail.  I'm going to use that wagon up there as "Santa's Sleigh", tie the reindeer to it and put Christmas Gifts in it.  Then "Santa" will sit in a little rocking chair and I'll have cookies out for him. 

In the words of Justin Timberlake:  I'm bringing Trashy back!

More updates to follow - the winner of the contest wins a $100 gift certificate to a local garden center.  Sadly, there are no categories or runners up - so I have zero idea of what I am up against.