Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shaw's Trip 10/7...

I went to Shaw's.  All was fine.  Some good deals to be had.  Unfortunately, something happened to the register and my receipt didn't itemize my purchase!  It's pretty much just the totals!  Very odd.  The cashier thought it was odd.  So I'm recording my purchase as I'm putting away stuff - trying to remember prices and coupons in my head.  Since I have some sort of Grocery Shopping OCD, this will be a relatively easy task....

Total Before Savings:  $99.63
Total Preferred Savings:  $36.64
Total Coupons Used:  $26.05
Cash OOP:  $36.94

2 Smart Balance Milks - $3.79 ea (2 .75/1 MFCs DOUBLE) - $2.29 ea (we needed milk...cheaper to buy the gallon, but whatever!  I wanted to look cool and buy the Smart Balance.)
12 Yoplait Yogurts - .50 ea (2 .40/6 MFCs DOUBLE) .37 cents ea!
2 Cheez-Its - $2.50 ea ($1.50/2 MFC) $1.75 ea! (a "nut free" snack for my preschooler)
4 Chef Boyardees - .88 ea (B3G1 Free) .66 ea  (My husband likes these more than my kids...)
10 Campbell's Condensed Soup - $1 ea (2 $1/5 MFCs, 2 Stop & Shop Doublers) .60 cents ea (Okay!  I have to do a shout out to Campbell's!  My 3 year-old has a soup obsession thanks to "Martha Speaks" - Campbell's has Cars soup!  This will make my 2 year-old eat!  It's hard to please 2 toddlers, but Campbell's knows how to do it!)
2 4-C Bread Crumbs - $1 ea ($1/2 MFC, Stop & Shop Doubler) FREE!
2 Crystal Lights - $2 ea ($1/2 coupon from back of flyer, $2/2 MFC from paper) .50 ea!
4 Hunt's Snack Packs - $1 ea (B3G1 Free MFC) .75 ea!
2 Fiber One Breads - BOGO Free @ $3.99 ea (I LOVE this bread!) $1.99 ea!
2 Wild Harvest Tortilla Chips - $1.79 ea ($1.50/2 Wild Harvest MFC from a Shaw's mailer) $1.04 a bag!
1 Friskies Natural Sensations Cat Treats - $1.25 (FREE MFC) FREE!
1 TicTac Chill - $1.69 ($1/1 MFC, Stop & Shop Doubler) Money Maker of .31 cents!
2 Johnsonville Sausages - BOGO Free @ $5.49 (2 .55/1 MFCs DOUBLE) $1.65 a pack!
1 Shaw's Margarine Sticks - .88
2 CapriSuns - $2 ea ($1/2 Coupon from flyer) $1.50 ea

Notes and stuff:

-  Went at 8:30 am with just one kid.  Loved it.  I love shopping with one child.  It's easy. 

-  Had a great cashier.  I like when cashiers are with it when it comes to coupons.  It makes my life less stressful. 

-  Very happy that they took the Stop & Shop Doublers again!  Even though I had about 4 times of my Shaw's rejecting them, I finally got some cashiers who will take them - and the code for them is PLU 611 (thanks to Celeste at Itty Bitty Bistro and the cashier today!).  If your Shaw's denies you, just say to the cashier or supervisor, "Oh, competitor's coupons are PLU 611" - you'll wow them with your Shaw's cashiering expertise!  Plus, you'll probably get your $4 off!


SavvySuzie said...

Thanks for the tip about the dollar doublers! I wasn't sure if my Shaw's would accept them, but I am DEFINITELY giving it a try next time S&S puts them out!

Anonymous said...

Becky do you remember where you got the bread crumb coupon.

Bargain Becky said...

You're welcome Suzie! Def. give it a try!

The 4C coupon was in the paper a few weeks back. Almost all my coupons come from the paper (Red Plum in the grocery mailer and the Sunday Boston Globe. Plus my mother gives me hers from Southern CT). It was with another 4C coupon that was "Buy a 4C grated cheese, get a 4C bread crumbs for free". The $1/2 was actually for the Panko bread crumbs - which I did buy. I have no idea if they are really that much different than regular bread crumbs. But change is sometimes good. Hope this helps!