Friday, October 9, 2009

Shaw's: Smart Balance Butter Money Maker!

Reporting that the backpage Catalina this weeks works double if you spend $20 Pre-Sale Prices!  Here's how I "made money" on Smart Balance Butter Sticks:

5 Smart Balance Sticks of Butter - $4.29 ea, Sale $2.50 ea (5 $1.50/1 MFCs - came from the newspaper 3 weeks ago.  Expiration date on them is 10/11 - so only 2 more days left to use these!  They were coupled with a $1/2 Smart Balance Spreads.)

Total Pre-Sale:  $21.45
Total Sale Price:  $12.50
Total Coupons:  $7.50
Total After Coupons:  $5.00
OYNP Coupons Earned:  $6.00
Net:  MADE $1

Even if you don't have any coupons for this butter (remember, you can freeze butter for the holidays), it's still a great deal:

5 packs of Smart Balance Butter:  $12.50
OYNP Earned:  $6.00

You pay $12.50, but get $6 back on your next purchase - so you net $6.50 for 5 packs of Smart Balance Butter.  $1.30 for a pack of "healthy" butter when it's usually $4.29 a pack!  I'll log the whole trip later on. 


Money Saving Maine-iac said...

I'd like to link up your great purchase! Can you add which coupon you used and where you found them?

Bargain Becky said...

I got the coupon out of the paper - probably 3 weeks ago (this coupon expires 10/11 - so only two more days left). The problem with me (and trying to help others save) - is that I use very little internet coupons - almost all of my coupons come from the paper. I'll add it to the post though...meant to but was in a rush.